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The Knife Are (FINALLY) Back

Back in 2009 or so, I was craving me another album from The Knife. It had been three years since they suddenly blew my mind and then disappeared almost as suddenly. I wanted a new one so bad, I decided to make my own in hopes o...
by Chris


New Radiohead album out this year?!?

Despite just releasing AMOK to the delight of fans everywhere, it looks like Thom and Co. are back in the studio much sooner than anyone anticipated! The idea of getting this much goodness in one year is starting to be way too ...
by Chris



Bibio – À tout à l’heure

If you haven’t heard Bibio, now’s a good time to join the party. Bibio is the alias of singer/songwriter/DJ/producer extraordinaire Stephen Wilkinson. It’s a brilliantly wide range of melodic acoustic guitar n...
by Chris


Let’s Talk About The Strokes…

Remember when The Strokes were the ultimate cool? Remember when they basically personified the very essence of “hip?” Leather jackets, Converse kicks, smoldering cigs…they looked like they hadn’t slept i...
by Chris



’99-’01 – My Era of Awakening

I’m gonna try a little somethin’ different for a Throwback Thursday. Allow me to share a tale… Once upon a time, I did not have the best taste in tunes. Although, I sure thought I did. To be completely fair, I...
by Chris



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