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Album Review | Daft Punk : Random Access Memories

On album highlight “Giorgio by Moroder,” electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder narrates a brief history of his career. About midway through the song, just before a luscious string interlude, the legend says, R...
by Chris


’99-’01 – My Era of Awakening

I’m gonna try a little somethin’ different for a Throwback Thursday. Allow me to share a tale… Once upon a time, I did not have the best taste in tunes. Although, I sure thought I did. To be completely fair, I...
by Chris



Five Overrated Albums of 2013

In other words, “Five Reasons Why You May Hate Me After Reading This.” (The opinions shared in this rant are not representative of The Radio Cure as a whole etc, etc…) First of all, let’s lay it out ther...
by Chris


Bibio – À tout à l’heure

If you haven’t heard Bibio, now’s a good time to join the party. Bibio is the alias of singer/songwriter/DJ/producer extraordinaire Stephen Wilkinson. It’s a brilliantly wide range of melodic acoustic guitar n...
by Chris



Chris’s 25 Favorite Albums of 2012

Hey, kids. As my first official post upon the realms of The Radio Cure, I figured I’d say “hello.” I’m excited to join the ranks, and hope you can enjoy a bit of my whimsy now and again. Here are my favo...
by Chris



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