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April 1, 2013

New Radiohead album out this year?!?


Despite just releasing AMOK to the delight of fans everywhere, it looks like Thom and Co. are back in the studio much sooner than anyone anticipated! The idea of getting this much goodness in one year is starting to be way too much for my little soul to handle. Check out the interview snippet below….



Ok…I admit that was a very poor attempt at an April Fool’s. So sue me. But, this post isn’t all a waste of half-wit Thom foolery (I had to). Mr. Yorke sat down with Alec Baldwin for his radio show “Here’s The Thing” (did anyone else realize he had his own show? I didn’t…) for a nice chat recently, and it’s one of the better interviews with the Radiohead/Atoms For Peace front man that I’ve heard in quite some time. Alec Baldwin poses some great questions and we get to hear Thom go off on a range of topics involving the music, celebrity, inspiration, his love/hate relationship with performing, mentoring, the joys of fatherhood, painting, and getting old. Also, there’s a great bit around the 7:40 mark that has Alec and Thom figuring out the best accent in which to say the word “Warp.”
Sound below. Do dig in.

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