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November 7, 2012

Foals – Inhaler


This. Is. Awesome.

It all begins with a slinky guitar riff, a blazing funk bassline and the husky, crooning falsetto of Yannis Philippakis. It’s an intoxicating, sexy combination. As the track builds and expands, the guitars shimmer and blur, before crashing into a truly thunderous chorus of bass and guitar in rock-solid unison with Philappakis’ vocals channeling an edgy but vintage Robert Smith.

After their thrashing debut ‘Antidote’ and the lush expanses of ‘Total Life Forever’, Inhaler will feature on the band’s third album ‘Holy Fire’ – seemingly a dirtier, riff-laden affair. Spanish Sahara is widely considered one of the top tracks of the last few years and Foals have done it again. Inhaler combines the sound of their previous two albums with stadium-filling proportions, proving the band are not afraid of experimentation and change. The result is quite possibly the one of my favorite rock tracks in recent memory.


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