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Throwback Thursday

April 11, 2012

Paul Simon – Duncan

paul simon

From his first album as a solo artist, Duncan paints a vivid portrait of Lincoln Duncan’s life on a night when he’s kept awake in his motel room by the couple in the room next to him “trying to win a prize. . . going at it all night long”.   I don’t think there’s ever been a song made with a better opening line.  Any Paul Simon fan knows this as a  timeless classic,  but what not very many people know is that there is a demo of this same song, previously unreleased, that appeared as a b-side when the album was re-issued in 2004.  In the demo recording, it’s obvious to hear that the song in its early construction as the lyrics are completely different, the timing is inconsistent  and there are gaps in the verses, but it still has the bones of an American classic.  Below are both versions.

Duncan (Demo):

Duncan (Demo – San Francisco 2/71) (Previously Unissued)


Duncan (Greatest Hits, Etc.)


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