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Throwback Thursday

March 29, 2012

WORLD PREMIERE: New piano piece by Mozart – Allegro Molto in C Major: Florian Birsak


Scholars have unearthed what they believe to be an original composition by the bright star that was an 11-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Check out this super exclusive, newly released, piece of music. (If you check out the bar at the top of this video, you’ll realize that only those with the link can view it. Super exclusive, peeps! Mozart is soooo underground right now. Literally. Too soon?)

Okay, but really, this is incredible, and I’m a nerd, and I love classical music. For any of you that play the piano, you know that Mozart is so incredibly fun to play. He makes your fingers dance across the keyboard. It’s so delightful. With this piece in particular, you can hear the child-like enthusiasm and innocence. I really can’t wait to play it.

It was first performed last Friday, March 24th, in Mozart’s old apartment in Salzburg, Austria, on his own pianoforte by Florian Birsak.

The little song fragment is simply labelled “allegro molto” or “very quick” and, while it is one of his earliest known original works, and the authenticity is being researched, musicologists who have studied the piece say that it is, undoubtedly, an original Mozart.

Sorry again for the geek factor in this post. Actually. You know what?
NO! I’m not sorry. Okay? Mozart rules!

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